United against discrimination!

Mandates which divide communities & segregate people are destructive to our city, economy and real people’s lives.

There is one thing we all agree on despite differences amongst us in our vaccination status, political preferences, or beliefs, and that is this:

We are opposed to the Queensland government COVID vaccine mandate and concerned by its detrimental impact on businesses, workers, customers and other people in our city.

If you own a business in Logan and want to be notified of town hall meetings and more ways you can unite with other business owners, please fill in this form.

If you are not a business owner, please stay tuned to our Facebook page for event announcements and effective activism suggestions.

The people of Logan want to support businesses which are Pro Choice / Anti Mandate. We’ve teamed up with Fair Business Australia to start building a free directory we can all use to help unite and support each other.

Download the flyer

Get in Touch

Please send us an email if you’d like to know more or have any questions. Due to the fact all organisers are volunteering their time in addition to trying to run their business, please be patient if we can’t get back to you quickly.

Something we’d like to hear from every business owner is what your specific questions and concerns are. Stories about how the government’s vaccine mandates will impact your business, staff and community are also welcome.

The most common questions and concerns from Logan business owners will be represented by a willing individual at our first town hall meeting.


Thanks to our sponsors for helping us unite.